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Within industry, piping is a system of pipes used to convey fluids (liquids and gases) from one location to another.


A system of equipment used to prevent, extinguish, localize, or block fires in enclosed spaces.


A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.


PA system is an electronic amplification system with a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to reinforce a sound source,


A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke.


The Plumbing Division is qualified to supply, install, maintain and repair fire hydrants, fire hose reels, sprinkler and fire pumpset systems.


Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest and oldest methods of self-supply of water for households usually financed by the user.


Provide trained man power for fire protection


It is a full-fledged team that takes the burden of managing all your Fire Detection & Protection Systems, and Electronic Security Systems off your shoulders.


Fabrication is generally about building something based upon some plan or other workable approach.


Industrial Electricians work in a variety of environments and help install and repair the electrical components and equipment.

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